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Serbian Zlatibor and Croatian Labin Forge Tourism Partnership

In a significant stride towards enhancing cross-border tourism collaboration, the Serbian Zlatibor and the Croatian town of Labin have signed a groundbreaking Protocol of Cooperation at the 45th International Tourism Fair in Belgrade

In a landmark move towards bolstering international cooperation within the tourism sector, representatives from the Serbian Zlatibor and the Croatian town of Labin have inked a Protocol of Cooperation. This agreement, ceremonially signed amidst the grandeur of the 45th International Tourism Fair in Belgrade, heralds a new era of collaborative endeavors aimed at enhancing the tourist economy, cultural exchange, and sporting activities between these two distinguished locales.

Astrid Glavičić, the esteemed director of the Tourist Board of Labin, and her counterpart, Vladimir Živanović, the head of Zlatibor’s Tourist Organization, were the signatories of this pivotal document. Their signatures not only symbolize a mutual commitment to shared prosperity but also pave the way for a series of joint ventures that promise to elevate the tourism offerings of both regions.

The protocol outlines a comprehensive framework for collaborative projects that span promotional activities, developmental initiatives, and the fostering of international tourism markets. Moreover, it places a significant emphasis on the exchange of best practices and expertise, aiming to cultivate a rich learning environment for professionals within the tourism sector.

Notable attendees at the signing ceremony included influential figures from Labin’s tourism industry, underscoring the collective resolve to drive forward the objectives outlined in the agreement. The commitment to expanding horizons and synchronizing business operations was eloquently expressed by Glavičić, who also highlighted Labin’s robust tourism infrastructure and its burgeoning outdoor tourism segment.

This transnational partnership not only exemplifies the spirit of cooperation but also serves as a beacon for future collaborations, promising to usher in a period of sustained growth and cultural enrichment for the tourism sectors of both Serbia and Croatia.

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