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Croatia Charges Ahead in Electromobility with Homegrown Innovations

Amid the challenges, the European Union marches tirelessly towards electromobility, and Croatia is actively partaking in this shift. Despite the growth rate of electric vehicles in Croatia trailing behind more developed EU nations, the emergence of Croatian companies making significant strides in electric propulsion technology on a global scale is undeniable.

Prominent players like Rimac, creating cutting-edge equipment and hypercars, along with bicycles, Dok-Ing specializing in mining and demining machinery, and Novatec, known for developing electric buses and ships, lead the sector.

Notably, Novatec from Labin has established itself both domestically and internationally, now pioneering an electric mini-bus for urban transport. This initiative aims to deliver functional public transport to Croatia’s smaller cities, as reported by

The multifunctional low-floor vehicle project, dubbed Munivo, is valued at 28 million HRK (3.7 million EUR), co-funded by EU funds. The collaboration includes the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture of the University of Zagreb.

The project’s goal is to create two minibus prototypes: a 20-seat Shuttle bus and a City Bus. Novatec’s commercial director, Ante Vranješ, shared that their City Bus has received support across multiple Croatian cities and regions, and there’s an expectation for its use nationwide and beyond.

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