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ABC Fresh Cream Cheese: Croatia’s Belje Targets Expansion in European Markets

Croatia's Belje is set to extend the reach of its flagship ABC fresh cream cheese, initiating sales in Hungary, Spain, and Malta as part of its strategic push into new European markets

In a bold stride beyond its domestic stronghold, Croatia’s ABC fresh cream cheese is charting new territories across the European continent. Spearheaded by the esteemed Belje company, this flagship dairy delight has now graced shelves in ten European nations, with Hungary, Spain, and Malta being the latest additions to its burgeoning market map.

Already a household name within Croatian borders, ABC’s dairy delicacies have commenced their journey into Hungarian retail, with the initial batches en route to the sun-kissed shores of Spain and the historic isles of Malta. This expansion not only underscores ABC cheese’s pivotal role in Belje’s export arsenal but also marks a significant chapter in the company’s international odyssey.

Jurica Belle, the mastermind behind Belje’s sales and marketing endeavors, shed light on the strategic nuances of venturing into these diverse markets. With Hungary being a neighbor and a nation whose citizens share a fondness for the Croatian coastline, the entry into its market was both a natural and strategic move, facilitated by the proximity of Belje’s Dairy Factory in Beli Manastir. The challenge, however, lies in acquainting the Spanish and Maltese palates with ABC’s unique flavors, a task that Belje approaches with tailored sales strategies and a focus on the premium quality of their cheeses, produced from the milk of Belje’s own herds.

In anticipation of its European adventure, ABC cheese underwent a visual transformation last year, debuting packaging that reflects the product’s pure and unadulterated essence, crafted from milk, cream, and a hint of sea salt. This commitment to simplicity and authenticity, coupled with a proprietary production technology that seals in freshness and flavor, has endeared ABC cheese to a diverse audience across the continent, setting the stage for a successful foray into new markets.

As ABC cheese continues to weave its way through Europe’s culinary tapestry, its journey is more than just a tale of export expansion; it’s a testament to the universal appeal of simplicity, quality, and the rich dairy heritage that Croatia proudly shares with the world.


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