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EE Korita to Construct 240 MW Solar Plant in Bijelo Polje with €200M Investment

EE Korita, a company based in Bijelo Polje, is set to build a 240 MW solar power plant, representing an investment of around 200 million euros.

This project moved a step closer to fruition following the signing of a contract between representatives of the Bijelo Polje company and the Montenegrin Electricity Transmission System (CGES) for the construction of infrastructure necessary for connecting the SE Korita to the transmission system, as reported by Poslovni Dnevnik.

The collaboration, formalized by Ivan Asanović, Executive Director of CGES, and Damir Banovec on behalf of the Bijelo Polje company, signifies a stride forward in enhancing our capacities for renewable energy production,” the announcement stated.

The agreement encompasses the planning, construction, and integration of the forthcoming 240 MW solar power plant at the Korita site near the Serbian border, funded by the Danish company European Energy.

As previously announced, the construction of the solar park is planned on a land area totaling 505 hectares.

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