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Aleksandar Kovačević, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES)

Pacta Sunt Servanda!

In Vienna on 14th December 2023, the Ministerial Council of the Energy Community concluded: “The Ministerial Council...

Viktor Mizo, President of the Foreign Investors Council of North Macedonia

Positive Momentum for Green Transition

In the dynamic landscape of the North Macedonian economy, the country’s Foreign Investors Council (FIC NM) is a pivotal force in driving economic growth...

Arijana Nikolić Vučinić, Executive Director of the Montenegrin Foreign Investors Council

Utilising Vital Green Expertise

For more than 15 years, the dedicated efforts of the Montenegrin Foreign Investors Council have served to significantly advance the business environment in Montenegro,...

Emrush Ujkani, Executive Director of the European Investors Council (EIC)

Leaders of Sustainable Finance Practices

As a collective voice for the largest European investors in Kosovo’s private sector, the European Investors Council (EIC) is proud of the tangible contributions...

Tomislav Šlat, Secretary General of the Foreign Investors Council of Croatia

Leap Forward Required

In today’s global economic environment, communication and cooperation between the private sector and the public administration within countries is becoming more important by the...

Sanja Miovčić, Executive Director of FIC Bosnia and Herzegovina

Empowering the Communities in Which we Operate

The Foreign Investors Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina is determined to support all initiatives linked to the transition to green energy, the circular economy...

Labour Force

Even Greater Scramble for Good Workers

The start of March saw the launch of the Open Balkan common labour market, which enables citizens of Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia to...