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Yettel Bank: Serbia’s First Digital Bank Emerges

Discover how Yettel Bank is redefining Serbia's digital banking landscape with its innovative transformation

In a significant overhaul of Serbia’s financial sector, Mobi Banka has introduced its new brand identity and mobile application as Yettel Bank. This transformation, powered by a €33 million investment from the PPF Group over a five-year period, marks the onset of a new era in digital banking that promises to redefine the industry landscape.

The transition, set to be complete by 24 May, follows a strategic infusion of capital already partially deployed in enhancing IT infrastructure and application development. 

Mike Michel, CEO Yettel Serbia

Aleksandar Bogdanović, the CEO of Mobi Bank, heralded the rebranding as a milestone coinciding with the bank’s tenth anniversary, emphasizing the synergy between banking and telecommunications.

The phased launch of the Yettel Bank application begins in early June, allowing customers gradual familiarity with new features while maintaining access to the existing app. Notable among the upcoming enhancements is biometric login—a cutting-edge security measure. The app will also offer user-friendly features such as dark and light modes and an intuitive display of active products.

By summer, the transition will enter its second phase, making the new Yettel Bank application the sole platform for users, featuring a modern design and innovative software solutions. The transformation is expected to culminate by year’s end with the rollout of the final version, which will include external mobile phone payments among other functionalities.

Mike Michel, Yettel’s General Manager in Serbia, noted the shared vision with the bank to simplify the digital and banking landscape, highlighting the creation of a unique ecosystem of telecommunications and banking services.

As Mobi Banka gears up for further expansion, its workforce has seen significant growth, particularly within IT and product development sectors, demonstrating a robust commitment to its digital-first strategy. With nearly 800,000 clients already reaping the benefits of its digital orientation, Yettel Bank is poised to revolutionize banking in Serbia, blending technology with a human touch.

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