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Leaders of Sustainable Finance Practices

Members and partners of the EIC in Kosovo spearhead capital mobilisation for the expansion of renewables, the retrofitting of energy-efficient infrastructure and the growth of eco-friendly enterprises

As a collective voice for the largest European investors in Kosovo’s private sector, the European Investors Council (EIC) is proud of the tangible contributions its members make to creating a greener Kosovo, says EIC Executive Director Emrush Ujkani.

Among the most valuable contributions that the EIC, together with its members, is providing to Kosovo are: (i) the leveraging of a rich tapestry of knowledge and practices garnered from a diverse member base of European investors; (ii) the proposing of recommendations aimed at aligning Kosovo’s environmental policies with the advanced environmental policies of the EU through close consultation with policymaking partners like the EU Office in Kosovo and other diplomatic missions; and (iii) the promotion of critical investments and financial instruments that support Kosovo’s green transition, through the EIC’s other international partners, like the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) or the European Investment Bank (EIB). “Our work with these institutions helps to channel funds into sustainable projects and green initiatives that are essential to Kosovo’s alignment with the ambitious environmental standards set by the EU,” says our interlocutor.

Our support not only promotes Kosovo’s green agenda, but also highlights the country’s potential to emerge as a regional leader of sustainable development

“The EIC is instrumental in translating EU environmental policies to Kosovo’s specific needs through strategic consultations with the EU Office in Kosovo and various other EU diplomatic missions. Integral to this process is our annual EIC White Book, which serves as a compilation of policy recommendations that are carefully crafted by EIC members. This document is not merely a publication, but represents a blueprint for action, providing structured guidance on how to adapt and implement European standards within the context of Kosovo.

“We are particularly proud of our members’ achievements in sustainable finance practices, which testify to their commitment to address the urgent challenges of climate change, social inequality and environmental degradation. Our members have been pioneers in integrating sustainability elements into their business models in the banking system in Kosovo. Guided by the UN’s Principles for Responsible Banking and the Net-Zero Banking Alliance, they have committed to promoting sustainable finance solutions that support clients in transitioning to carbon-neutral business models. Their efforts span various sectors, including green energy, waste management, healthcare and education, demonstrating their holistic approach to sustainability. They engage with clients beyond financing, by providing advice on compliance with labour laws and community investment that reflects a broader perspective on sustainable finance. This alignment with international standards, such as the EU Taxonomy and the Non-financial Reporting Directive, enhances transparency and facilitates assessment of the positive impacts of sustainable finance initiatives. Through comprehensive environmental and social risk management in lending, our members exemplify strong commitments to sustainability, contributing significantly to renewable energy projects and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.”

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