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Viewing the EntireRegion as a Local Market

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LeitnerLeitner is one of Central and Southeast Europe’s leading firms of tax professionals, auditors and financial advisory experts, having amassed vast experience in supporting and advising companies, family businesses, public bodies, NPOs, multinationals, charities, freelancers etc.

This company has 64 years of experience and 805 employees at 17 locations, including in Sebia, Croatia and Slovenia. Partners from these three countries often mention the company’s culture and vision, similarities and differences in region, and how LeitnerLeitner shares tax, economic and legal challenges with its clients.

Jelena Knežević, LeitnerLeitner Partner, Serbia – Belgrade

We Bring Life to Complexity

During that period, Serbia has implemented various economic reforms aimed at improving its business environment, attracting foreign investment and strengthening its economy. These reforms...

Pavo Ðedović, LeitnerLeitner, Partner, Croatia – Zagreb

Able To Solve The Problems Of Each Client

In general, when dealing with clients’ needs, we follow two approaches: an interdisciplinary approach and an international approach. By taking interdisciplinary approach to tackling...

Blaž Pate, LeitnerLeitner, Partner, Slovenia - Ljubljana

We Represent A “One- Stop Shop” For Our Clients

At the same time, we also offer legal services (focusing on business law) within the scope of LeitnerLaw. Accordingly, we represent a “onestop shop”...