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METRANS Group Solidifies Its Presence in Europe with Full Acquisition of Adria Rail

The METRANS Group has solidified its European operations with the strategic full acquisition of Adria Rail, marking a significant milestone in its expansion journey

In a significant stride towards expanding its European footprint, the METRANS Group has announced the complete acquisition of Adria Rail, thereby integrating the latter as a wholly-owned subsidiary less than a year after initially securing a 51% stake. This move underscores METRANS’ commitment to bolstering its intermodal transport services across the continent.

Adria Rail, a prominent Croatian firm known for its pivotal role in operating intermodal trains within, to, and from Croatia, has been at the forefront of connecting the Rijeka container terminal on the Adriatic Sea to its counterpart in Indija, near Belgrade, Serbia. This strategic network handles over 70% of the container traffic from the Brajdica Container Terminal in Rijeka, highlighting Adria Rail’s significant market share and operational expertise in the region.

To mark this new chapter, Adria Rail unveiled a refreshed logo that aligns with METRANS Group’s visual branding, symbolizing a unified corporate identity and strategy. The integration enhances the METRANS network with the Indija terminal becoming its 20th node, thereby facilitating seamless connectivity to and from the Budapest hub and across Europe at large.

The acquisition not only expands METRANS’ operational blueprint but also enriches its asset base with an additional fleet of wagons, soon to be complemented by METRANS-branded locomotives, and over 40 trucks in Serbia. This expansion is indicative of METRANS’ operational philosophy, ensuring the delivery of high-quality services to customers throughout Europe, irrespective of the location.

As Adria Rail transitions into a full-fledged member of the METRANS family, this consolidation is poised to set new benchmarks in intermodal transportation within Europe, fostering enhanced efficiency, connectivity, and service excellence for the continent’s logistics and supply chain sectors.

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