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Storylines Unveils Groundbreaking Sustainable Residential Ship with Brodosplit

Storylines and Croatia's Brodosplit shipyard have joined forces to launch the MV Narrative, a pioneering sustainable residential ship

In an ambitious stride towards blending opulent living with eco-consciousness, Storylines has revitalized its partnership with Croatia’s esteemed Brodosplit shipyard, paving the way for the construction of the first privately owned residential vessel, the MV Narrative, renowned for its sustainable design. This landmark agreement signals a new era in maritime innovation, marrying luxury with responsibility towards our planet.

The MV Narrative, extending an impressive 778 feet, is poised to redefine the concept of life at sea with 531 private residences. Its propulsion system, powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG), sets a new benchmark in the quest for sustainable maritime transport. The renewal of the shipbuilding contract comes as a response to the evolving global landscape, with significant adjustments in commercial and technical supply chains as well as project finances, according to Alister Punton, CEO of Storylines.

Tomislav Debeljak, head of Brodosplit, highlights the exhaustive efforts in refining the ship’s design to meet today’s stringent standards of sustainability, cyber security, and propulsion technology. The collaboration has seen extensive consultations with experts in hydrodynamics, noise, and vibration, alongside major equipment suppliers and the Lloyd’s Register classification society, to ensure the MV Narrative not only meets but exceeds existing environmental regulations.

Designed explicitly for permanent living, the MV Narrative boasts an array of amenities that promise a self-sufficient lifestyle at sea. From educational facilities to a post office, a solar hydroponic garden, and the sea’s largest wellness center spanning 10,000 square meters, the ship offers a unique blend of community and luxury. Additionally, its dedication to sustainability is evident in its waste-to-energy conversion systems, zero-waste markets, and farm-to-table dining options, underscoring a profound commitment to an eco-friendly existence.

As Storylines and Brodosplit embark on this visionary journey, the MV Narrative stands as a testament to the possibility of luxurious living without compromising the health of our planet. Engineering efforts have already commenced, with both parties committed to delivering an unparalleled experience that heralds a new chapter in maritime living.

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