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Serbia Spearheads Biotechnology Revolution: A Beacon for Future Health Solutions

At the illustrious "Future of Biotechnology" International Conference, held within the grand confines of the Palace of Serbia, Prime Minister Ana Brnabić took centre stage. 

With representatives from global powerhouses like the World Economic Forum and UNDP in attendance, she laid out her ambitious vision for a biotech-driven Serbia. 

Drawing special attention to the myriad Serbian scientists who had returned home from global posts for the occasion, Brnabić detailed how the nation has strategically laid the groundwork for a thriving biotech ecosystem. 


“From cutting-edge science and technology parks to key investments, we’ve diligently paved the way for innovation,” she declared. Notably, the state-of-the-art Data Centre in Kragujevac stands as a testament to this commitment, available to all national institutes and tech parks. 

In a captivating revelation, Brnabić unveiled plans for a memorandum of understanding with Ginko Bioworks, global titans in biotechnologies.

Yet, the true testament to biotech’s power, as Minister of Science Jelena Begović highlighted, was its rapid response to the coronavirus crisis. “Within mere months, the field of biotechnology emerged as the knight in shining armour, heralding the creation of a pivotal vaccine,” Begović noted. This remarkable feat, she believes, underscores Serbia’s readiness to confront future health challenges head-on.


Expanding on the transformative nature of biotechnology, Begović spoke of its potential to reshape medicine. “Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all treatments; we’re ushering in an era of personalised medicine, where every individual is at the heart of medical decisions.” Yet, with great power comes great challenges, and for Begović, the looming threats of vaccination hesitancy and antibiotic resistance are paramount. But she remains optimistic: “With biotechnology in our arsenal, we’re not just hoping for a solution; we’re engineering it.”

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