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INA Fuels Green Transition with €98 Million Renewables Investment

INA, the Croatian oil company, is making a €98 million investment in renewable energy, showcasing a strategic shift towards sustainability with new projects in green hydrogen and biometane production

Croatian oil company INA is steering a green course with a €98 million plunge into renewable energy projects, marking a significant pivot from its fossil-fuel foundations. The company announced two ambitious contracts aimed at establishing INA as a pioneer in sustainable energy production in Croatia.

The first venture involves constructing a 10 MW electrolyzer at the Rijeka Oil Refinery to produce green hydrogen, complemented by a solar power plant that will partly power the facility. This move positions INA as Croatia’s first commercial producer of green hydrogen, primarily intended for the transportation sector. A key equipment supply contract has been inked with local firm Ivica Consulting.

The second project takes root in Sisak, where INA plans to build a biogas facility designed to transform agricultural waste such as straw, manure, and fertilizers, along with various types of biodegradable waste, into biometane. This biogas could be channeled into Croatia’s national gas network, while the by-products may serve as eco-friendly fertilizers. A turnkey contract for this endeavour has been secured with Austrian-based biogas plant manufacturer Biogest.

INA’s CEO Zsuzsanna Ortutay highlighted the strategic transformation of the Sisak site into a renewable energy hub, with a solar power plant already operational and a biometane production facility on the drawing board. “At the Rijeka Oil Refinery, we are committed to contributing to Croatia’s clean energy production with our new green hydrogen facility, underlining our unwavering commitment to the green transition,” Ortutay stated. She further revealed plans to direct up to 20 percent of INA’s 2025 investment budget towards various sustainable projects, including geothermal explorations and additional solar power plants.

Both the green hydrogen project, which includes solar power installations and logistical capacities, and the biometane production in Sisak are slated for completion by 2026. They are set to receive funding under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NPOO), pending the opening of public calls for financing.

This dual project initiative by INA not only underscores Croatia’s shift towards renewable energy but also enhances its role in the European green energy narrative, proving that even traditional oil giants can reinvent themselves in the face of a rapidly changing energy landscape.

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