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Croatia Celebrates Third UNESCO Geopark at Biokovo-Imotski Lakes

Croatia has been honored with its third UNESCO Geopark designation for the Biokovo-Imotski Lakes, marking a significant recognition of the nation's geological and natural heritage

In a splendid display of natural heritage recognition, Croatia has polished its emerald credentials with the declaration of the “Biokovo – Imotski Lakes” as its third UNESCO Geopark, a gem of a decision made at the 219th assembly of the UNESCO Executive Board in Paris.

The Geopark, a tapestry of geological marvels and aqueous allure, was gracefully anointed during the 8th UNESCO Global Geoparks Council session in Marrakech, on the 4th and 5th of September, 2023. This esteemed recognition places the “Biokovo-Imotski Lakes” in the illustrious company of the “Papuk” and “Vis Archipelago” Geoparks, further burnishing Croatia’s geotourism lustre.


UNESCO’s Global Geoparks Network, a conclave of geological grandeur, aims to safeguard the planet’s geodiversity with a focus on sustainable development, educational outreach, and local community prosperity.

This new accolade for the Dinaric karst landscape, set in the Biokovo Nature Park and Imotski Krajina, underlines the region’s geological grandiosity and biodiversity, alongside a rich cultural patrimony. The Biokovo-Imotski Lakes Geopark, with its geological formations narrating Earth’s episodic past, now stands as a bastion of conservation and a beacon of sustainable local development, all under the auspices of UNESCO’s global recognition.

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