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Unveiling Europe’s Hidden Gems: Kopar, Opatija, and Mostar

In a recent feature, Conde Nast Traveler has cast a light on the less frequented yet equally enchanting cities of Kopar, Opatija, and Mostar, inviting explorers to uncover the hidden splendors of Europe

In an era where the well-trodden paths of European travel scarcely offer the thrill of discovery, Conde Nast Traveler has turned the spotlight onto the continent’s lesser-known locales. Among these, three cities from the heart of Europe—Kopar, Opatija, and Mostar—have been singled out for their distinct charm and breathtaking beauty, each promising a unique welcome to the intrepid traveller.

Nestled in the Slovenian stretch of Istria, Kopar emerges as a captivating jewel, blending its Venetian heritage with stunning coastlines and delectable cuisine. The city’s historic core, a labyrinth of streets, reveals a rich tapestry of its maritime past, adorned with churches and quaint squares. Today, Kopar stands as a pivotal port near Trieste, serving as a gateway to Central and Eastern Europe. Beyond its commercial significance, the city offers a perfect base for exploring the coastal and inland wonders, from vineyards to olive groves and medieval hilltop villages.

Volosko Beach in Opatija, Croatia

Venturing north, Opatija is hailed as the cradle of Croatian tourism, fondly referred to as the “Vienna by the Sea” for its Belle Epoque architectural splendour. The Opatija Riviera, a stretch nestled between forested hills and the rocky embrace of the Kvarner Gulf, once captivated the old world’s elite. Today, the region is renowned for its health and wellness retreats, courtesy of a unique microclimate that fosters therapeutic and rejuvenative journeys. Opatija’s allure is further enriched by a confluence of styles—from the opulence of Central European elegance to Mediterranean allure and medieval architecture—making it an idyllic destination for romance.

Mostar, with its relaxed ambiance, offers a blend of Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman architectural marvels. The city’s culinary scene is a testament to its rich heritage, offering an array of traditional delights. Its historic core and the iconic bridge, from which Mostar derives its name, add to the city’s enchantment. As evening descends, the city’s laid-back vibe is best enjoyed with a glass of rakija, accompanied by the soothing sounds of the river.

These cities, each with their own energy and incredible beauty, stand as a testament to Europe’s undiminished capacity to surprise and enchant. Conde Nast Traveler’s feature not only illuminates these hidden gems but also beckons the discerning traveller to venture beyond the familiar, into the heart of Europe’s lesser-known but equally captivating landscapes.

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