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North Macedonia Set for First Electricity Market Coupling with EU by 2026

North Macedonia is poised to couple its electricity market with an EU member state by late 2026, a significant step towards integrating with the European electricity market

North Macedonia is set to integrate its electricity market with an EU member state by the end of 2026, marking its first market coupling, according to Simon Shutinoski, CEO of the National Electricity Market Operator (MEMO). 

This step is crucial for EU candidate countries to access the broader European electricity market. Shutinoski announced these plans during the Electricity Market Integration Forum in Brussels, highlighting ongoing collaborations with neighboring countries and the EU to facilitate this integration. 

The effort includes prior agreements and ongoing technical harmonization with Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, and Kosovo*. 

This market coupling is anticipated to enhance cross-border electricity flow and price stability, benefiting both consumers and businesses in the region.


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