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Alkaloid Skopje’s Innovation Triumphs with Patent of the Year

Alkaloid AD's innovative liquid Omeprazole formulation has been celebrated as the 2023 Patent of the Year, marking a significant advancement in pharmaceutical technology

In a striking nod to innovation, Alkaloid AD Skopje’s ppioneering liquid Omeprazole formulation has clinched the 2023 Patent of the Year, unveiled in conjunction with World Intellectual Property Day festivities. 

This groundbreaking pharmaceutical achievement heralds the first ready-to-use liquid iteration of Omeprazole, a drug tailored to alleviate the discomforts of reflux esophagitis and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

The award, bestowed by the State Office of Industrial Property, celebrates a novel approach to drug delivery: a dual-chamber package allowing instant mixing of two separate solutions, crafting a palatable concoction for those young, elderly, or otherwise unable to engage with traditional pill forms. 

First submitted on 17th April 2020, the patent spans a vast geographical swathe, encompassing the EU, the US, Canada, China, and various Eurasian locales, earning its laurels on the European stage in August of the preceding year.

With its patent secured across approximately thirty nations, including its home base of Macedonia, Alkaloid AD has not only broadened its global footprint but has also significantly ameliorated the therapeutic landscape for those in dire need of gastroenterological relief. This accolade underscores a potent blend of scientific acumen and international cooperation, casting a bright spotlight on the future of pharmaceutical ingenuity.

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