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Hard Work and Excellence

Our experience in establishing Slovenia as a hub for sustainable investments and international collaboration offers insights that can prove valuable for other countries considering similar paths

In the domain of green transition, business development agency SPIRIT Slovenia possesses invaluable knowledge and practices that have been honed over decades of fostering business development. In 2016, the agency began implementing the Strategic Sustainable Transformation Programme for Slovenian companies, which established the first Slovenian practice in the area of the sustainable strategic transformation of companies and served as a basis for further supportive measures in this area.

SPIRIT Slovenia also serves as the national point of contact for the strategic, sustainable and circular transformation of Slovenia’s economy, successfully assisting companies in changing their business practices. Through initiatives like the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, we have demonstrated proficiency in distributing substantial financial resources for sustainable investments and promoting the transition to a circular economy.

Our success in positioning Slovenia as a hub for sustainable investments and international collaboration serves as a model for other countries that are seeking to embark on similar journeys.

Aligning with the Slovenian government’s vision, SPIRIT Slovenia actively seeks to attract socially responsible and sustainable foreign investors who contribute to higher value- added investment projects. We prioritise investments that not only enhance the skills of our workforce, but also foster innovation, technological development and balanced regional growth. This strategic approach not only accelerates the green transition, but also strengthens Slovenia’s position as an attractive destination for investment in R&D departments and the integration of suppliers into the global value chain.

Slovenia is committed to taking the lead in transitioning to a circular economy and fostering the adaptation and growth of its small and medium-sized enterprises

Despite its small size, Slovenia is determined to lead the way in transitioning to a circular economy, supporting the adaptation and growth of its small and medium-sized enterprises. This endeavour is no small feat, as it requires a deep understanding of how companies transform within the broader national context.

We launched a pilot project in Slovenia in 2016 with the aim of furnishing local companies with invaluable insights. Serving as the national hub for the transformation of Slovenian companies, we extend non-financial aid. Within this initiative, our team of experts acts as mentors and advisors to approximately 150 enterprises, guiding them through the green transition. Our primary goal is to facilitate companies in their journey towards enhanced environmental sustainability.

We last year secured incentives totalling 280 million euros through contracts for the green circular economy, underscoring the significance of our efforts. While the journey ahead is challenging, it is nonetheless essential. We recognise the global competition, particularly from countries like the U.S., China and India, where the emphasis on transitioning to a green economy may not be as robust. And yet, our dedication and hard work serve to position us well in this competitive field, helping Slovenia succeed in managing the complexities of the transition and maintaining a strong global presence.

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