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Mattoni 1873 Secures Full Control of Knjaz Miloš in €90 Million Deal

Mattoni 1873 has fully acquired Knjaz Miloš, securing its position as a leader in the Central European beverage market with a transaction valued at nearly €90 million

Mattoni 1873, Central Europe’s preeminent purveyor of mineral waters and non-alcoholic refreshments, has deftly completed the acquisition of a 46.43% stake previously held by PepsiCo, thereby clinching total ownership of Knjaz Miloš. 

This notable transaction places the crown jewel of the region’s mineral water and energy drink market squarely in their realm, with the deal valued just shy of a cool €90 million.

With operations sprawling across eight nations and employing a robust workforce of 3,400, the Mattoni 1873 group boasts 11 production sites and a portfolio of 39 illustrious brands, including the likes of Magnesia and Waldquelle. This empire not only reigns as the exclusive fabricator and purveyor of PepsiCo’s soft drink assortment in locales from the Czech Republic to Bosnia and Herzegovina but also marked a milestone in 2023 by dispatching nearly 2 billion bottles to its thirsty clientele.

Marko Stanković, the CEO at the helm of Knjaz Miloš, articulated his buoyant outlook, stating, “Armed with the formidable prowess of the Mattoni Group and buoyed by our sterling track record, we are poised to propel Knjaz Miloš to even loftier heights as a beacon of soft drink production in the Western Balkans.”

The tale of Mattoni 1873 stretches back to 1873, tracing its lineage to the venerable Heinrich Mattoni near Karlovy Vary. The brand’s modern saga unfurled in the 1990s, rejuvenated by the strategic infusions from the Italian Pasquale dynasty, steering it into a new epoch of effervescence.

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