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David McAllister, MEP

Are Things Different This Time?

The European Union must signal consistently that more Western Balkan countries should...

Etienne Thobois, Paris 2024 CEO

Olympics Legacy: Paris 2024 Vision


Vlatko Stefanovski, Musician

50 Years of Tradition and Innovation

Hybrid Trains to Boost Split-Zagreb Connectivity

These state-of-the-art trains will replace the aging tilting trains that have served the route since 2004.  These innovative hybrid trains will utilize overhead electric lines on electrified tracks and switch to diesel engines on non-electrified segments, ensuring seamless travel across the 429-kilometre route.  The trains...

What Are the Top Opportunities for Slovenians?

Slovenian businesses are making waves in the Adria Region, skilfully navigating unique market advantages to seize lucrative opportunities in renewable energy, infrastructure, automotive, ICT and tourism Our insightful interlocutors shed light on the most promising sectors for Slovenian enterprises in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia,...

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Leading Industries in the Adria Region

The Adria region boasts a diverse and dynamic economic landscape, with certain sectors standing out for their development and impact across multiple countries The Adria region, a vibrant economic powerhouse, has emerged as a beacon of growth driven by strategic investments and innovative enterprises....

A Cinematic Haven in the Adria Region

Captivating landscapes, competitive production costs, rich film heritage, skilled crews and enticing financial incentives draw foreign film crews to the region. Croatia and Serbia, in particular, are becoming hotspots for big-budget studio projects The Adria Region, a rising star in the film and television...

2024 Election Fever as World Shifts Elections

As 2024 unfolds, the world reflects on a series of pivotal elections...

Energy Sector Dominance

Diversity and forward-thinking investments define Slovenia’s energy sector. The nation has made significant strides in renewable energy, with hydropower, solar, and wind at the forefront. Leading the charge is HSE (Holding Slovenske Elektrarne), the largest electricity producer, primarily through hydropower. GEN energija, operator...

Refined Luxuries

Luxury Travel Beyond the Ordinary

Luxury tourism epitomises the pinnacle of travel experiences, characterised by unparalleled indulgence, exclusivity and sophistication. It caters to discerning travellers who seek uniquely tailored experiences that offer the highest levels of comfort, privacy, and personalised service. This sector of the tourism industry has evolved...









Connecting Western Balkans Decision-Makers

Align your brand with the heartbeat of Southeast Europe and reach the individuals shaping its future. Connecting The Region is more than a publication - it's where the region's elite converge for insights and opportunities.