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Slovenia’s Industrial Sector Witnesses Notable Growth in January

In a positive turn for Slovenia's economy, the industrial sector has shown significant growth at the start of the year

January saw a marked increase in the value of industrial production, turnover, and stocks, highlighting a robust month of activity across various sectors.

The total value of industrial production in January surged by 10.7% compared to the preceding month, with manufacturing leading the way with an impressive 16.3% growth. The mining and quarrying sector also enjoyed a healthy boost, witnessing an 11.0% increase. However, the electricity, gas, steam, and air conditioning supply sectors faced a slight setback, with a decrease of 5.7%.

A more detailed look into the industrial production reveals significant growth in specific areas. Intermediate goods industries saw the most substantial rise, with a 17.0% increase, followed by capital goods industries at 8.4% and consumer goods industries at 6.3%. Annually, the total value of industrial production was higher by 12.2%, indicating strong overall growth compared to the same period last year.

The industry’s turnover also experienced positive momentum, albeit at a more modest pace. Total industry turnover was up by 0.4% on a monthly basis, with manufacturing and mining and quarrying sectors seeing similar levels of growth. Year-on-year comparison shows a 1.4% increase in total industry turnover, with mining and quarrying experiencing the most significant rise at 44.6%.

Stock values in the industrial sector also saw an uptick, with a 3.2% increase from December and a 1.5% rise from the previous January. The annual analysis of stock values presents a mixed picture; while capital goods industries enjoyed a substantial 15.8% growth, intermediate goods industries faced a 4.3% decline.

This notable growth in Slovenia’s industrial sector at the beginning of the year suggests a positive outlook for the economy. The increases across various metrics indicate a strong and resilient industrial landscape, poised for continued growth in the coming months.

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